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Tin Tea Set Animal Tourists

Tin Tea Set Animal Tourists

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Introducing the captivating 15-piece Animal Tourists Tea Set, a delightful journey around the globe for your child's imaginative tea-time adventures! This enchanting set is adorned with playful illustrations featuring lovable animals exploring iconic landmarks worldwide, including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, and the Pyramids of Giza. Each piece is a canvas of discovery, sparking curiosity and wanderlust in the hearts of young explorers. Printed in gentle, soothing shades of soft pink and teal, this tea set is a visual delight. The charming illustrations bring to life a world of travel and discovery, making each teatime a whimsical escapade filled with wonder and joy.

This wonderful set includes 4 adorable teacups, 4 matching saucers, 4 delightful cake plates, a charming tea pot complete with a lid, and a tin tray to set the stage for delightful make-believe tea parties. 

However, please note that while this tea set mimics the appearance of real tea service items, it's intended for play and is not suitable for containing hot liquids or food.

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