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Smelly Balls - Citrus Springs

Smelly Balls - Citrus Springs

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4 Unscented Felt Balls with branded charm and elastic string for easy hanging.

Comes with instructions and bonus postcard, together in our little ‘keep pouch’ which can be used to store your little treasures later!


In a ‘nut’ shell, they are reusable air freshener balls that hang in your car that make it smell great. When they need a little freshen’ up – whip out the Fragrance Oil and top them up!

The best thing about them is you get to control the intensity of it – to suit your precious nose

Orchard Eve

An energising burst of fresh fruits in nature. This lively, fruity fragrance will instantly refresh and rejuvenate you, while the subtle notes of citrus, pear and jasmine will ease your mind. The addition of bergamot, orchard apples and precious woods rounds out this fruity blend with a beautiful finish.

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